Edwards Hellmouth

  • Edwards’ “Hellmouth”

You can barely get to Jonesboro from Little Rock, but if you’re here thinking of going there, or if you’re there already, check out the new exhibit opening today at the Bradbury Gallery at ASU: “True Grit.” The name derives from the grit of the artists, all of whom have been working for decades and whose average age is 80. You don’t have to pack it in at 35, artpups.

Artists whose works are in “True Grit” include Judith Brodsky, Peter Campus, Warrington Colescott, Larry Edwards and Lee Friedlander. Artists Les Christenson and John Salvest curated the show to pose these questions:

“What fuels the unwavering devotion of these artists to work and career? … In a culture preoccupied with newness and mesmerized by youth, isn’t there still something to be learned from that which endures?”

There’s a reception tonight at 5 p.m.