A SIMPLE DEVILED EGG:  Reinterpreted by Felicia Suzannes

  • Kat Robinson
  • A SIMPLE DEVILED EGG: Reinterpreted by Felicia Suzanne’s

There’s a Jonesboro girl making good in Memphis. Did you know that? No? Good, because I’m going to tell you about Felicia Suzanne’s.

Felicia Suzanne Willett, this powerful young woman from northeast Arkansas went to school in Memphis and culinary school in Savannah, spent seven years interning with Emeril Lagasse and ended up in Memphis with her own restaurant. That’s saying something.

What’s saying something more is that she’s damn good at what she does. Her restaurant along Main Street is a space full of scents and flavors, quiet elegance and comfortable foods that belong in the setting. She cooks up stuff that seems exotic, but every dish has its roots in southern cuisine.


Which is why I’m starting this piece off with that egg up there. That’s a deviled egg. No joke. But it’s a deviled egg like I’ve never had before. It’s a House Smoked Wild King Salmon Deviled Egg with a dollop of Arkansas White River Caviar — from sturgeon grown on the White River, right here. How best to describe it?