The Body

Seven quick, quick items about last night’s show:

1. Iron Tongue is still deceptively melodic. Did “7 Days” always have those great harmonies from Tedford?
2. CT shaved, shook off a few pounds, now looks just like Cut Chemist.
3. It took all of 50 seconds for The Body to blow a house speaker (a subwoofer, maybe?) and fill the floor with smoke.
4. This was almost as impressive of a feat as their drummer’s ability to shred while blowing gum bubbles without making a mess in his huge beard.
5. Seeing singer Chip King do his car-peeling-out shrieking live is shocking. His tongue starts stabbing wildly out of his mouth, sending big gobs of spit everywhere. He didn’t even really use the microphone. Think about that. He blew an enormous speaker and you could hear his wailing just fine without a mic.
6. The show only lasted 20 or 25 minutes.
7. It’s impossible to discern any lyrics. But, good pattern-making machines our brains are, the subconscious is quick to step to the plate, with mixed results. I knew the duo are fascinated by Jim Jones, so I suspected one song was about Jonestown, with King screaming “I love it heeeeere!” like a man on fire. Shudder. It took me a while to slip out of my new goosebump gear.