Lost somewhat in the hoopla surrounding the Mulehead reunion this weekend: Il Libertina, another local favorite from that era (circa 1999 to 2003) is getting back together tonight Saturday at White Water. And there’s going to be mad shit talking, according to Il Libertina’s Graham Cobb.


“Kerby texted me a few weeks back and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Il Libertina reunited to open for Mulehead?’ And I wrote back, “Yeah, it’d be great for everyone except Mulehead to have to follow us.”

“We were brash, aggressive and cocky,” Cobb said. “I mean, really we were nice guys and everyone knew it, but we told ourselves if we acted like the best band around, we’d sound like it.”


Look for Il Libertina, which also includes Joshua Bentley (Battery, Big Cats), Paul Bowling (Trusty, Dangerous Idiots) and Marcus Lowe (Battery, Parachute Woman), to wear a snarl tonight, Cobb said.

“I told the guys we should be personally be offended that they’ve given us 10 days to get ready for this.”


Even with the short prep time, Cobb said the band had practiced once and run through 12 or 14 songs, mostly off the debut self-titled record Zen Ark release, and didn’t miss a beat.

Il Libertina takes the stage at 10 p.m. Saturday at White Water. Tickets are $12 at the door.