9 p.m., The Village. $18 adv., $22 d.o.s.

This weekend, I was scouring YouTube, trying to show a friend the single creepiest video lurking on the Internet. As a last resort, I searched “i feel fantastic hey hey hey.” Surprisingly, it worked (watch at your own risk). But unexpectedly, Ben Nichols’ familiar mug smirked back on the results page, four videos down. It’s just another sign of the Little Rock icon’s national omnipresence and the ever-expanding success of Lucero. The Memphis-based, Little Rock-loved punk-country act is still the Lucero we know and love: a grunt-sung, wiry bastard son of Bruce and Hank, perfect listening for drinking yourself into a half-blind storm of friend-hugging and ex-drunk dialing. Thanks in part to the success of its last album, “1372 Overton Park,” the beloved, whiskey-logged outfit has been praised by Spin, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, MTV and nearly every blogger worth their bandwidth.

However, here in Arkansas, fans harbor a wildly different type of affection that borders on unwavering dedication. After all, this town has seen the band go from house shows to Bonnaroo in a whip-flash 10 years. Hometown affection? Call us guilty. Between the Hogs home opener that evening and, this, Lucero’s always-welcomed return to Little Rock, expect the night to be a Diamond State flag-flying, outpouring of Arkansas pride. The guys are joined by Glossary, another twanged alt-country act that’s no stranger to barhouse venues about town.