GILDING THE LILY:  Last years country refried bacon

  • Kat Robinson
  • GILDING THE LILY: Last year’s country refried bacon

Some folks look forward to Christmas; I look forward to the State Fair. I suppose it’s something linked in my head from childhood, where birthday trips were often taken to the Arkansas State Fair (I seem to recall it being earlier in the year at that time, but perhaps we just celebrated my birthday a few days late) — the one time of year I’d indulge in all those things children dream about, great fun rides, midway games and foods I couldn’t have at any other time.

The latter’s now one of the beats I cover, a fascination of mine that I can’t quite shake. This year I’m going to explore not just our own Arkansas State Fair, I’m traveling to Dallas the week before to experience the Texas State Fair as well. Why? Lots of reasons. Many of the things that are introduced there (and at the Minnesota State Fair, which I hope to attend next year) come here and are popular items. The Texas State Fair also has one really crazy competition — the fried-things competition — and that’s where we get crazy stuff like fried Oreos and fried Dr. Pepper and such.

Just got my information for this year’s Arkansas State Fair and have been looking through it. Most of the favorites are back, but among the new items are a few surprises. Details (and a little more rambling about fried objects) over on Tie Dye Travels.