PINEAPPLE PANCAKES:  Unusual but tasty

  • Kat Robinson
  • PINEAPPLE PANCAKES: Unusual but tasty

  • Kat Robinson

I don’t believe I could have survived a confrontation unscathed if I’d missed checking out the Ozark Country Restaurant in my quest for a great breakfast. Any breakfast conversation in Central Arkansas has started with a volley of suggestions to try the famed smokehouse off Cantrell Road. I knew, though, that I’d have to bring a friend to save me from what I worried would be an all-pork bistro of dining.


I’m glad to say I was wrong. I found exactly what I wanted right off the bat — and it didn’t involve bacon, ham, pork chops or sausage. It did involve the only pineapple pancakes I’ve found on my state-wide search, though, which didn’t bother me at all.