It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Rock Candy’s latest pointless time waster: This Week in Arktube. That’s right: Every week, we scour Youtube.com for the best, dumbest, and most jaw-droppingly goofy Arkansas-related videos the vomitorium of the American digital psyche has to offer. This week:

The University of Arkansas has a Quidditch league. First prize: NOT having sex!

Screw Harry Potter. Chemistry is the real magic! Where is your Dumbledore now?


Speaking of chemistry, here’s some crazy kids in Piggott detonating a Taliban-grade IED made from a soda bottle and assorted household chemicals. This is why we can’t have nice things. Or fingers.

Two dudes are just minding their own business, talking about wrestling, when they see some Al Qaeda dudes carrying, like, a missile near Hope. Bonus: one of the bro-hams seems to be sporting Samuel L. Jackson’s Jeri-Curl wig from “Pulp Fiction.”


A man who describes himself as “not a normal dipper” gives a deep and soul-searingly honest review of Copenhagen Original Fine Cut smokeless tobacco. Your move, Copenhagen.