HOT PORK:  Slow marinated on a vertical rotisserie

  • Leif Hassell
  • HOT PORK: Slow marinated on a vertical rotisserie

Went out tonight to the big to-do at Dickey-Stephens Ballpark, where the Mexican Restaurant Association held a special customers’ reception. Tickets were free (as I mentioned last week) and there were bunches of folks out there.

Wandered out there with photographer Leif Hassell to check out what was being served. We noticed right off the back that the event was already pretty steeped in Arkansas politics, with Blanche Lincoln working the crowds. Leif went off in search of great shots while I went to sample the food.

Error on my part, of course — I was thinking that the food would be similar to what I usually get when I go to a Mexican restaurant. What we encountered was much more ethnic in nature and included a fair amount of pork.