ALL THAT CHEESE:  Fabys Pollo Acupulco

  • Kat Robinson
  • ALL THAT CHEESE: Faby’s Pollo Acupulco

Haven’t really heralded it all that much, but Eat Arkansas is now on Facebook — indeed, a separate Facebook fan page from my own and a good way to keep up with Eat Arkansas. Of course, there’s Twitter, too.

I noticed tha Debbie Dougan Bond checked out Faby’s in Conway on recommendation, and figured I’d share that here, too:

They have 2 locations, the owner cooks at the one on Dave Ward Road, his brother cooks at the one on Front Street. Both the quality and quantity of my lunch were outstanding. Had the Beto Plate, first you get chips and salsa, then complimentary soup, it was potato and broccoli today, the Beto plate was a cheese enchilada with a rib-eye steak. The enchilada was covered with cooked onions and the steak with onions, peppers, mushrooms and poblano pepper cheese sauce, very yummy. Also comes with a plate of refried beans, rice, lettuce w/guacamole. HOMEMADE tortillas, heavenly, and then when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite a piece of cake arrives courtesy of the house and it too was wonderful (coarse, crumbly pound cake w/coconut, drizzled w/chocolate). Everything was so good I couldn’t believe there weren’t people standing in line to get in but unfortunately for the owner it was pretty quiet. If you haven’t been there please go, I hope these people stay in business a long time. They also have Italian food, odd combo I know, but I bet it’s good too.

I like Faby’s. That photo above is from a recent visit, where I had the Pollo Acupulco ($7.49), a decadently cheese-swaddled chicken breast that had been grilled together with peppers, onions and mushrooms and served up with rice and beans and those magnificent tortillas… pardon me, I need to wipe the drool off my chin.

Anyway — our Facebook fan page is your Facebook fan page — a place to talk about food and restauants, to show off your dinner photos and such and to generally chat. Come, “like” this page. And don’t be surprised to see more items from there, over here.