For a band so divisive—they are the 5-star generals of “shitcore,” after all—Times New Viking made Tuesday night at White Water Tavern an elbow-to-elbow affair.


With a surprisingly long set that ran a bit over an hour, the Matador Records trio was right on for every damn song. Having tested their metal while opening for Pavement over the last few weeks and, now, on their way to support Guided by Voices, we got a band at their sharpest.

They opened up with “No Time, No Hope,” (one of the best indie-rock singles in years, if you ask me) and closed with a Half Japanese cover, “Thing With a Hook,” and “Move to California.” (Which was covered this month by Yo La Tengo, indie rock godfathers and long-time champions of Times New Viking.)


In the between time, I was too busy bomping around to one of my favorite bands to keep track of a set list. Um, it was loud. Sometimes I had trouble hearing over my huge grin.

But everyone won. Judging from the massive stumble of the crowd, the bar did well. Little Rock got a great show. The band, I understand, got a nice hunkadough for their coffers and, as their drummer told me afterward, a new humdinger of a venue to brag on to their friends.


I’m hoping the the Times New Viking/Ty Segall double-header can usher in a new wave of similar acts into White Water. It’s hard writing a blog post with your fingers crossed this tight.

Also, see Reptar as soon as possible. I’m calling it right now: they’re the next big Little Rock band.