It’s Friday, which means it’s time to whittle away a little more of your precious, precious life with Arktube, our roundup of the best and/or dumbest Arkansas-related videos posted to in the past week. Enjoy.

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Very scary video of a 9-year-old barrel racer from Garfield, Arkansas getting smushed by her trusty steed after the horse lost its footing during a run. She’s okay, but I think the announcer is gonna need a stiff drink.

Arkansas’s own Patsy Montana sings “Momma Never Said a Word About Love.”


A guy who looks like an accountant carves the bowl at a Central Arkansas skateboard park. Get off my lawn, dude!

Stephanie, a very brave and bubbly young lady of 17, talks about living with the rare skin condition called Harlequin Ichthyosis


Yeah, this isn’t weird at all.

Years later, as they huddled with their families around smoky fires in the shadow of the abandoned cities, the young ones would ask the old ones: “Grandfather, tell us again how it all began — the Great Plague that brought mankind to ruin?” And the old ones would sigh, and stare into the flames, and answer as they always did: “It began where all pestilence begins: in the trucker shower at the Flying J truck stop in West Memphis, Arkansas.

A simple but surprisingly moving list of the names of all the soldiers from Arkansas killed so far in Iraq and Afghanistan. To put it into perspective: A new name flashes once every three seconds, and the video is 5 minute and 43 seconds long. Somewhere, George W. Bush tees up, and thinks of none of this.

In a world where International Students can’t understand a word their professors are saying, can Indian Boy, Chinese Young Lady and Spanish Hardworking Student find love, skyscrapers and friendship at ASU?