LIKE A CORNDOG:  But with an egg

That there is something I thought was an original — something no one’s every really done before. It’s a deep fried battered hard boiled egg, and it’s one of the many things you’ll find this year at the Arkansas State Fair. That’s the thing, though — even though the dish makes its first appearance this year, it’s not completely original.


SIMILAR?  Sambal Telur

  • SIMILAR? Sambal Telur

No, there’s a dish called Sambal Telur in Indonesia that is essentially battered and deep fried hard boiled eggs with sambal sauce (a tomato-chili sauce) out of Malay. Then again, look from one to the other and there’s not all that much to compare. There are eggs and a frying process. That’s about it.


So what does a deep fried battered hard boiled egg taste like? And what’s the one true new original product we know that’s coming to the Arkansas State Fair this year? Go check it out, on the jump.