Sonny Boy Williamson II, the renowned identity thief, now claims he’s the former host of”All Things Considered.”

1. Go to YouTube
2. Look up a bluesman (we suggest Sonny Boy Williamson II.)
3. Click the new “closed captioning” box
4. Turn on “transcribe audio”
5. Cover your desk chair with a puppy pad.

And we didn’t think this video of SBWII doing “Keep It to Yourself” could get any better.

It turns the song into postmodern psychosis one minute…


meantime view the wrong
if you’ve got
they don’t
what is the elmo
and i’m linda wertheimer

and a Michael Inscoe poem the next…

she didn’t she was
the the war
i don’t know
no i don’t know
yeah and i don’t know that

Doubtless, this insane shit would have been the most rational stuff Sonny Boy would have ever said.