Has it been a week already? Unless I’m caught in an inter-dimensional time rift, it’s Friday, and that means it’s time for Arktube, our weekly roundup of the best, dumbest and most head-scratchingly weird Arkansas-related videos posted the previous week to youtube.com. Enjoy.


Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl introduce a video in which their OTHER other brother Darryl shows off his homemade instruments of near-certain death. Send him a few bucks and he’ll let you do it.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre sings “Arkansas Revisited”


Two words: Toast mustaches.

The haunting sound of a bull elk bugling in the wilds near Boxley, Arkansas.


He’s a try-me-before-you-buy-me kinda guy, with green hair and Gran Pricks smokes.

Video of the most bad-ass ten year old ever popping bullseyes with an assault rifle while Dad looks on proudly in Huntsville.

An ancient spell, an Arkansas graveyard, 80’s-grade synth music and demonic eyeshadow. Yep, it’s Halloween in Hooterville.

Dudes in Pocahontas say fuck it and toss the whole bale on.


And now, your moment of zen.