White Water Tavern—our Toast of the Town “Bar of the Year”—will open its doors tonight for “Speak and Spell,” a fundraiser for the Joyce Elliott campaign.

Expect drinks, auctions for local artists and musicians and, yep, a spelling bee fundraiser.


Also, just to be clear, Rock Candy endorses the living heck out of Joyce Elliott.

Doors open at 8 p.m.


Update: They’re auctioning off artwork from John Kushmaul and Kathy Strause, amongst others; ceramics from Donna Uptigrove; $100 of tattoos from Dragonworks Tattoo Studio; a $50 gift certificate from Rock City Kicks; meals from The House, Old Mill Bread and The Pizza Cafe; a sushi-making class from Whole Foods and more.

No word on whether or not the money goes toward the Vic Snyder Stiff Upper Lip Fund. On that note, we understand David Slade suspects Rep. Snyder is actually hiding a bitchin’ Sublime tattoo under his soup strainer.