BURGER & RINGS:  Dont forget the shake

There are going to be some similarities and some difference between two restaurants under one ownership. Menus might be the same or similar, but the chances of achieving the same ambiance between two entities is relatively small. Sometimes, the two locations are so significantly different they seem different in the mind.


That’s the way it is with me and Burge’s. I will specifically plot to stop at the Lewisville restaurant any time I’m heading down to Shreveport, making sure I have enough time to stop for a burger and a shake before that big stretch of nothing between there and Fair Dealing, LA. The burgers are

charbroiled and served toasty, old-fashioned style in that white wax paper with the toothpick, with either some of those crispy fries or a tray of cornmeal-crusted onion rings and a chocolate malt or a pineapple shake. Usually I bring a traveling companion or twelve in with me when I make that stop on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon.


Then there’s Burge’s in the Heights here in Little Rock, and I stop in there several times a year. But I never get a burger there. In my mind, there’s a segmentation of the Burge’s idea, and I can’t quite cross that line. Usually.