Here are updates on the LR native’s three upcoming projects.


*The New York Comic Con recently got an early look at “Your Highness,” the “medieval stoner comedy” starring all those folks above. Playlist is pretty geeked about it. Here’s a money quote from the (hopefully coming soon) trailer: “When James Franco’s doofus prince character asks the wizard played by [Justin] Theroux how he’s going to steal his princess [Zooey] Deschanel away, the sorcerer answers simply,” Magic… Motherfucker!” “Your Highness” opens April 2011.

*On the potential of “Pineapple Express II”: “The most interesting spin is to go in a ‘Scarface’ direction. You could get me back in the ring with [Seth Rogen and James Franco] any day of the week. I want to see them in the Miami coke scene, I think… or maybe take it in the ‘Clear and Present Danger’ direction and go to South America. You know, there’s a few avenues that are maybe a little bit worthy of more than a barroom napkin scribble of an idea.” []


*“The Sitter,” the “Adventures in Babysitting” meets “Pineapple Express” vehicle for Jonah Hill, has added Sam Rockwell, Max Records (“Where the Wild Things Are”) and the funniest man on TV, “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” JB Smoove. It’s due July 2011. [Playlist]