Greetings, wageslaves! I have been instructed by the High Command to inform you that it is time for the weekly respite from your soul-draining worklife known as Arktube, Rock Candy Blog’s Friday salute to the best, most interesting and most earth-shatteringly dumb Arkansas-related videos posted to Youtube over the previous seven days. This week: music memorabilia from Arkansas’s attic, Ray Charles and school bus drama. Enjoy!

Arkansas, The Musical. I can laugh at this because I’m FROM here.

A difficult-to-watch video of a young African-American girl reacting to being racially taunted on a Sheridan schoolbus.

The Old State House Collections podcast, discussing the new Butch Stone Collection of Arkansas music memorabilia donated by the long-time concert promoter. Very interesting stuff.


The 4×4 Crew does a hip-hop mashup with Ray Charles on “Tell Yo Mama (I’m from Arkansas).”

Two redneck dudes get the feeling that they want to go shoot some stuff, including mud, candy cigarettes, a stuffed bunny, and ramen noodles.


They said he was crazy — that he’d never surf the rice field. They were wrong.