• Lark Dennis

Our favorite metal screamer/film buff CT filed this dispatch from the Hot Springs Documentary Film Fest last weekend. He’ll be back again this weekend, too.


Last Saturday started off early as Lark (my photographer) and I were making our way into our first film at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. “Garbage Dreams” was our first stop. As we were making our way, Shaleece Hass, the director of “Old People Driving” urged us to see her film instead. “Garbage Dreams” had already begun, so thankfully we were able to catch her two films. Both were short documentaries and both had great characters. In “Old People Driving”, we watched two older male drivers, ages 97 and 99, dealing with a new day and age for automobiles. This documentary was awesome! Most of us curse older drivers, but the film puts you in these two drivers’ shoes. I got to see two different views on older drivers. The film was simple and perfect.


Next up, “Bowling Blind,” directed by Marc Contone, follows a blind bowling league in New York City. The characters in the film are so lovable, you wanted to know more about them. The folks in the league can actually bowl! One bowler in particular, Bobby Cantone was a cabaret guitar player when he was younger. He also bragged about the women he’d “been with”. He never stops flirting during the film. Both directors were present for the screenings.