YOLK IT UP:  Eggs for breakfast at Ds Family Restaurant

  • Kat Robinson
  • YOLK IT UP: Eggs for breakfast at D’s Family Restaurant

I’m just starting to get back into having the desire to eat breakfast. And it’s just strange things, too. Like the other day, wanting nothing more than over easy eggs and toast for sopping. We all have strange cravings every once in a while; that one’s not too bad.


This sort of craving struck me on a trip up to Monte Ne. Grav and I stopped in at Alma to give this place his dad found a shot.

It’s a small hotel-based restaurant at the Meador’s Motel called D’s Family Restaurant. It’s one of those old-style hotel restaurants, a one-stop place for people who need a night’s sleep and a good breakfast to get them on the road the next day.