9:30 p.m., White Water Tavern.

There’s a great scene in “Wonder Boys” — the novel and its movie adaptation — that leaves me shrill with envy every time. It’s the setting that gets me: a dingy, yellowing club in a crumbling pocket of Philadelphia where watered-down Dickel whiskey is the usual and the speakers are full of deep cuts from the house’s collection of soul 45s, requests dialed into a payphone off of the dance floor and cued up by an operator behind plate glass. As far as we know, there’s nothing like it in Central Arkansas, but twice a year, White Water Tavern does the trick with its Soul Nite dance parties. This time around, the dance floor turns into a battleground when the beat-heavy sounds of Southern soul, provided by local soul music brainiac DJ Seth Baldy, face off against the melodic “stonking” tunes of Northern soul, manned by, well, me, in my first time DJ’ing the party. But self-advertisement this ain’t; I’m an old, evangelical devotee of the bar’s dance nights whether I’m behind the DJ booth or not. So come shimmy. Or tell me I suck. Also, all proceeds go towards a prostate cancer fund.