8 p.m., Staples Auditorium, Hendrix College. Free.

It’s not something I’m proud of: I never got Star Wars. Sure, I saw the re-releases and I bought the VHS box set as a kid. I watched them with the understanding of “I should like this, so I’ll keep trying,” but it just never clicked. So I can’t differentiate between “One Man Star Wars” being “the most annoying thing ever” as opposed to “something that annoys the hell out of me, especially.” Here’s what I see: a grown man aping Robin Williams’ exhausted ADHD schtick, over-acting every character between Tattooine and the Death Star, whistling the score and ignoring the time-tested number one rule of comic acting: Never, ever act like you’re funny. Then again, I’m missing out on some pretty vital pre-reqs to appreciate this whole one-man carnival. I do know this though: “Star Wars” fans, don’t miss this. And if “One Man Inglourious Basterds” ever happens, please call me.