Kushmauls Broadway Bridge

  • Kushmaul’s “Broadway Bridge”

What’s on tap for the Argenta ArtWalk from 5-8 p.m. tonight? John Kushmaul, Ted Parkhurst, Rebecca Thompson, Bill Lewis, earring-making and the Argenta Artists group.


Kushmaul is showing his cityscapes in a show by that name at Ketz Gallery (705 Main St.); his show continues through December. Parkhurst is showing his sketchbooks from his month in Rome and France at the Thea Foundation (401 Main St.); Thea will also feature work by Robin Steves and “Blue Dog” painter George Rodrigue. Thompson, known for her gardening expertise, exhibits landscapes and figurative paintings in a show called “Twice Told Tales” at Greg Thompson Fine Art (429 Main St.). Watercolorist Lewis will be at the Argenta Branch of the Laman Library (506 Main St.) The Argenta Artists group of independent artists will be indoors at 301 Main St. Argenta Bead Co. is teaching patrons how to make glass bead earrings. There will be refreshments everywhere (served on Valerie Goetz’s “upcycled” bottle trays at Ketz). Doug Norton will paint at Starving Artist Cafe; Stephanie Cox will perform live.