It’s getting down to the wire!

Our annual battle of the bands is ready to return to Little Rock, this January, February and March of next year at Sticky Fingerz and Revolution (we’ll announce specific dates shortly). As usual, the contest is open to any act (solo or group) in Arkansas who specializes in original material. We encourage comers from all genres.

Christmas Eve is the deadline for submission. Uploading artist/band info and mp3s of your material online here is the easiest method. We’ll also be running an entry form in the paper, beginning next week, for several weeks. So, if you’re averse to the digital world, you can fill out that form and mail it and a CD in.

The way the competition works: Reps from the Times and Sticky Fingers/Rev whittle the submissions down to a group of semi-finalists, then each week, four acts square off before five judges (four regular judges and one weekly guest judge). Each week’s winner moves on to the finals, with the final winner receiving a lifetime supply of clean, strong drugs, an international record deal valued at $20 million, an iPhone from the future with an address book full of groupies of your choice waiting anxiously for you to bed them a reliably great array of prizes and perks. We’ll announce specifics later.

Alright. Rundown:
2011 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase.
Submissions accepted through Christmas Eve.
Enter HERE.

Questions? Comments? Aim them at showcase (at) arktimes (dot) com.