9 p.m., White Water Tavern. Donations.

“Luke’s gift to us was immense. His heart and soul, his art and music, live on in memories cherished by family and friends and in the art and music we make together.” So begins the mission statement for “A Crumby Christmas,” the first in a series of annual fundraisers to benefit the Lucas C. Hunsicker Memorial Scholarship Fund, which honors our late friend, local musician and big-hearted Little Rock cornerstone Luke Hunsicker. Sure, Little Rock music types of all varieties have always had a charitable streak. But they can throw a heck of a bash while at it, too. The night, one part gig, one part variety show, offers up a scrolling list of performances from rising opera star Bonnie Montgomery, prolific songwriter Isaac Alexander and American Princes frontman David Slade as well as Mandy McBryde ruralizing The Grinch, Rhett Be and Sydney Hunsicker tackling The Pogues, Henson Flye doing songs by fellow Christmas enthusiast Sufjan Stevens, Jack Lloyd as Rufus Wainwright, John Willis retooling traditional Christmas carols and — this should be a blast — blue-eyed soul man Cody Belew singing Mariah Carey. If that’s not enough for you, when midnight strikes, DJ Seth Baldy revives last year’s enormously popular Christmas Soul Revue dance party for the late night shimmiers and shakers.


And if you’d like to donate to the scholarship fund without attending, send your donations to:
Arkansas Community Foundation — Lucas Clayton Hunsicker Scholarship Fund,
Union Station Suite 206
1400 W. Markham
Little Rock, AR 72201.