Local filmmaker Daniel Campbell, 29, proved Arkansas-made film is in good hands with his deadpan, quirk-fueled “Antiquities.” Clocking in at a brisk 14 minutes, the short follows antique mall scrub Terrence (Jason Thompson, stand-up comedian and drummer for The Reds, in a hilariously awkward role and wig) and his callous, curt boss, Blundale (a scene-stealing Roger Scott), playing hooky from work, landing in strip clubs and urban barbershops and talking about Terrence’s object of affection, Marissa (Jennifer Pierce). The film’s punchy John Hughes by-way-of Wes Anderson charm helped it land the Charles B. Pierce Award for Best Film Made in Arkansas at the 2010 Little Rock Film Festival and spots in film festivals from Oxford, Miss., to Portland, Ore. And it looks like the auteur-in-training isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Campbell tells us he recently secured $5,100 from 31 backers in order to make his next short, “The Orderly,” a Southern Gothic comedy about a psychiatric hospital orderly charged with getting two patients to a home five hours away with only three hours to spare.