As we Tweeted days ago, Cotton Plant native, rock legend and my pick for the greatest Arkansas musician ever, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, will get another deserved dose of wide exposure tonight on BBC4 with “The Godmother of Rock & Roll: Sister Rosetta Tharpe,” an hour-long documentary about the rock-gospel legend.

Great news. And I can’t think of a better production house to handle her story. Ever since the reign of John Peel, BBC4 has crafted some of the greatest, most in-depth music programs in recent memory.


A few favorites include docs on Captain Beefheart, Hawkwind and a great one on this music journo’s be all, end all favorite band of all time, The Fall. All three are available in their entirety on Youtube, waiting to drain any productivity you had left in you this afternoon.

I doubt Arkansas cable companies carry the fourth Beeb, but as soon as we can track down a (semi-) legitimate link to the program, we’ll post it here.