Had enough of the Big Cats yet? All these new shows and sneak peeks of their upcoming album? Of course not! Us either.

Today, Big Cats frontman and principal songwriter Burt Taggart released 15 demos recorded here and there between their near breakup in 1996 and their reformation in 2001.


Naturally, there’s some fantastically gorgeous stuff in there. The violin-tinged “In the Jungle,” recorded in Brooklyn, circa 1997, is as great of a (band?) breakup song as you’ll find anywhere. And I’ll personally buy you a Coke if you don’t dig that busy signal beat in “767 (or SOS).”

They’re available for free streaming at Bandcamp, but we suggest you download them for $5. See, there are some big hearts in The Big Cats: All proceeds go to Where the Stars Still Shine, a North Little Rock-based philanthropy organization focused on providing health care and education in Haiti.


Remember Haiti? They’re still pretty screwed.