For real. Get this guy some money.


A co-founder of the local We Ate the Book literary collective and Little Rock’s ambassador to this—well, I don’t know the name of it so I’ll call it “the new American minimalism” literary thing that’s going on right now on Tumblrs and Twitters everywhere—is raising money at Kickstarter to publish the first run of his upcoming book, “Don’t Die Alone,” which he hopes to release around Arkansas Literary Festival time.

Inscoe, who we’ve talked about many times on the blog, has already passed his initial $500 goal, but he’s still $400 away from being able to print the book.


Yeah, yeah, people raise money on Kickstarter all the time and offer financial backers little perks. Why is this particularly blogworthy?

Because for $200, he’ll drive his (bad ass) motorcycle to you, anywhere in the continental 48, get drunk with you and meet your parents.


$600 will get you all of the above, the opportunity to give him a permanent writing pseudonym of your own choice and “other surprises.”

Check out some of his work on one of his many pieces of internet real estate, Quickly Semicolon.