After a few unfinished versions hit the net, the officially official first official trailer to the Arkansas-filmed Hank biopic has been released. Gotta love the fact that the writers avoid saying “Hank Williams” the way you don’t hear “zombie” in zombie movies.

Also, the filmmakers just announced that “The Last Ride” will screen at the Nashville Film Festival, April 15, 7:45 p.m. And, of course, the movie will open this year’s Little Rock Film Festival.

A couple notes on the trailer: Ray McKinnon’s awesomely awkward smile at 0:09 is great. Iffy: The shot of Hank shooting a gun 1:10. Looks a little “The Room” green-screeny. (Not that I could do that shot a lick better or do it at all, period.)

But like all Hank-fans, I’m really looking forward to checking this one out, Arkansas-made or not.

Again, we’ll have a shot to check it out at the LRFF on June 1. See y’all there.