7:30 p.m., Weekend Theater. $10-$14.

On Friday, the Weekend Theater celebrates a rare world premiere. A two-act drama of historical fiction by Little Rock author Phillip McMath, “The Hanging of David O. Dodd” centers around a Confederate sympathizer determined to save her wounded son and a Union supporter who is fixed on trying to save the life of 17-year-old David O. Dodd, sentenced to hang as a spy. “I like to mingle history and fiction because fiction frequently provides intimacy without context and history the opposite,” McMath said in a statement on the Weekend Theater website. “In combining the two in a historical-fictional drama, I hope to connect the two — the subjective with the objective, the existential with the collective.” Libby Smith portrays Confederate sympathizer Medora Pilgrim, Deb Lewis is Union supporter Philomena Tottenburg and Aron Long plays Dodd. The play is part of the Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial celebration. It continues through March 26