10 p.m., White Water Tavern. $15.


When Damien Jurado released “Arkansas,” a Shirelles by-way-of “Hallelujah” requiem to a lost love in the Natural State, Black Oak Arkansas’s “When Electricity Came to Arkansas” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Mary, Queen of Arkansas” had to make a little room for another great, twang-y ode to the greatest state in the whole dang country. And it was about time the Seattle native had a chance to sit at a table with the greats. For the better part of two decades, Jurado has released a flood of evocative, moody Americana, spun from the sweatier, muddier corners of the rural landscape. His latest album, “Saint Bartlett,” his 20-somethingth release, takes his one-man lyrical ambition and sets it in front of wintery orchestration to gorgeous results.

Likewise, the signature Viva Voce combination of folk and psychedelic pop is executed skillfully, release after release, by the husband/wife duo, whose music is more expansive than Jurado’s claustrophobia, but no less affecting.


The out-of-towners get local support from Adam Faucett, whose latest album, “More Like a Temple,” should make Jurado-sized waves any day now. All ages.

Check it out:
Damien Jurado – “Ghost of David” (live at The Earl)
Viva Voce – “Red Letter Day” (live at Musica)