7:10 p.m., Dickey-Stephens Park. $6-$12.

All right, let’s not sugar-coat it: As of press time, our Travs were sucking. Like, “Seattle Mariners sucking.” Monday, the team was 0-4 with a (get your Google ready) Bill Bergen-like combined batting average of .217, leaving the team firmly in the bottom slot in Texas League rankings. It’s not the way you’d want to start a season, but we’ll give the club a break and chalk up part of its failure to launch on the fact that they’ve been on the road.

Thursday, however, marks the season home opener when the Travs take the field against the Midland RockHounds, the league’s leaders with a perfect season in four games. Sure, it would be great, heartwarming stuff to see the Travs deliver their first win of the season in their first home game, but take it from a Cubs fan who’s too familiar with baseball futility: Drowning your disappointment in keg beer and Crayola-yellow nacho cheese isn’t that bad a consolation prize.