LARGE & SMOKY:  Pig N-Chiks Hubcap Burger

  • Kat Robinson
  • LARGE & SMOKY: Pig ‘N-Chik’s Hubcap Burger

It was a call to check out a mammoth burger that brought me to the door of the Pig ‘N-Chik in Sherwood. Mind you, I wasn’t crazy enough to try one of the places’ four pound Sarge burgers, but I was willing to give a half-pound hubcap a try.


The Pig ‘N-Chik is a standard in the area for barbecue… with a sweet honey sauce and fall-apart ribs. People have recommended the place to me for the excellent catfish, both the cornmeal-battered version and Friday’s special of smoked fish. One of these days I’ll venture back over to find out more for you on that.

But this burger… came with a lot of recommendations. So I went in one afternoon and placed my order.