The Little Rock-trained, California transplant Rockstar (A.K.A. Rockst*r or Rockstar Jones) is ready to drop his proper, long-in-the-studio debut, “Better Than Good,” in the next couple of months, so we’re thinking/hoping “Bombs,” his first official single, will be the first of a few drips to leak out of his camp over the next few weeks.

It’s first thing we’ve heard from the upcoming album since he hit us with “Now You Know” last summer.


(*Hey—what’s going on with all these Biggie vox hooks going around?)

19-year old producer V(eye)bes channels some serious “College Dropout”-era Kanye with that muted trumpet sample. Also, it sounds like Rockstar lost some of his Arkansas “accent” for West Coast and Chicago cadence. Sounds great, regardless.


Shut up and bump this:

Rockstar Jones – Bombs by Rockstar Jones