10 p.m., White Water Tavern. $10.

You may wonder how it’s possible that a 91-year- old man recovering from a recent stroke is going to put on one of the most energetic, fun shows of the month, but one, with the rate T-Model Ford is going, he’s probably going to live longer than either one of us and two, shut up. To quote the man himself, the Taledragger is “gonna remember you sorry fuckers how it’s done.” He can summon dirty Mississippi blues out of his totally metal Peavey Razer as well as he can drink whiskey. He can wink as well as he can cuss. The man may not write the bulk of his blues, but he sure can make the classics his own, turning (relatively) courteous standards into slobbering, slurring juke-joint jams.

Fellow fans may be worried with a few points during his newest album, which features a nod or two towards death (“I Worn My Body for So Long,” “Someone’s Knocking on My Door), but as long as he keeps licking his lips towards big-legged women (“Big Legged Women”), I’m going to keep believing those nods are just defiant winks behind big, hard middle fingers.

Raw, acoustic guitar virtuoso Eric Sommer provides a great, last-minute opener for the night.