The Gurdon-born musician/performance artist/photographer/filmmaker/actor is set to add “author” to his resume when, on August 1, “Mondo Memphis,” an eccentric, 450-page look at Memphis, Tenn., hits the shelves.

Falco handles the first half of the book, “Ghosts Behind the Sun: Splendor, Enigma & Death,” which interweaves stories about the city’s musical icons of the ’50s, historical accounts of the Civil War and assuredly wild personal anecdotes about the Panther Burns founder. (I don’t know about you guys, but I’m jacked to read about Lux Interior right up against Nathan Bedford Forrest.)

The book also comes with accolades from Bobby Gillespie, front-man for Primal Scream, and Canadian film icon Guy Maddin.

A limited-edition run of 75 pimped-out copies is available at Creation Books. Bad news: it’s $100. Good news: it looks like it’s worth it.