dir. Hossein Keshavarz. 90 min.

For decades, some of the greatest and most important films in all of world cinema have been exported from Iran. However, the country’s notoriously repressive powers have attempted, time and time again, to mute its filmmaker’s voices. Filmmaking (and watching) came to a virtual halt for years during the Islamic revolution. And now, with Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof currently imprisoned and barred from making movies, the state of Iran’s exceptional cinema is as turbulent as ever. So it’s incredible that “Dog Sweat” even exists.

Clandestinely filmed with a skeleton crew (and a ton of guts) in Tehran, the movie — verite by necessity — depicts a crew of young Iranians on their regular hunts for booze, rock music and sex, among other illegal indulgences. The audacious director even dares to address homosexuality, Iran’s ultimate taboo, with two of the male characters. For this film, “dangerous” isn’t just a cheap buzzword. Expect Keshavarz to give one of the liveliest post-screening Q&As of the festival.

6:30 p.m. Thu., Riverdale
1:20 p.m. Sun., Riverdale