Brittney Jane Boyds work at ArtHouse

  • Brittney Jane Boyd’s “Forgetting is Easier”

I apologize for the poor quality of this photograph of this painting by Brittany Jane Boyd that I saw at last night’s ArtHouse reception at 517 Beechwood for First Thursday in Hillcrest; see a better, protected version of the work here. All of her paintings featured girls with big eyes and I almost skipped over them, except there was something else there that made me take a better look. They were painted with great skill, there were sort of hidden images in the paintings and finally I noticed small keys in the canvas. A gentleman, who turned out to be the artist’s father, turned the key on the painting above and a music box hidden behind the canvas began to play “Yesterday.” All the canvases dealt with heartbreak, all were disturbing and all were funny, thanks to the cartoonish style.


Boyd, 28, who signs her work “Jane,” grew up in Bryant and is a hairdresser in Benton. She didn’t go to art school, or even college, but said she was inspired to draw by artistic parents. If you get a chance to see her work somewhere, check it out. It’s weird and disturbing and humorous and rendered with a careful brush.