MEATY:  The Bulldog Restaurant uses thick square patties

  • Kat Robinson
  • MEATY: The Bulldog Restaurant uses thick square patties

Bald Knob is a familiar crossroads to anyone who takes to exploring northeast Arkansas. From there, you can head out in any of the cardinal directions and hit another big town along the way — Batesville, Newport, Searcy… names that you become familiar with when exploring the Highway 67 corridor.


A lot of folks were introduced to Bald Knob for the first time this past month when rising waters along the White River basin forced the closure of I-40. Instead of the regular route, drivers were sent along Highway 64 to Bald Knob, where they boarded Highway 67/167 and went south to rejoin the interstate.

The Bulldog Restaurant is not far from this intersection — maybe a block and a half. It’s been around for ages serving travelers and locals alike. It’s known for its strawberry shortcake… which I didn’t try on my last visit. It’s also known for its juicy square-patty burgers, which I did try.