Rockists and art collectors: heads up.

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Rod Bryan is resurrecting a little chunk of his late, great Anthro-Pop and holding a fire sale of gig posters, flyers and other rock-related art today only at Art Outfitters at 917 W. 7th St. (right next to Vino’s).

The stock includes posters from Ho-Hum, Alex Chilton, The Fall (hands off -JT) and tons of others.


Tonight, he’s taking his latest musical project, Roderick Anderson Bryan and the Western Easter Islanders on the road, embarking on a tour across the southeast that culminates in a gig with Arkie ex-pat Jason Morphew in Miami, FL.

You know what to do. Those who remember Anthro-Pop fondly surely remember the unbelievable cache of rock deritus that wasn’t for sale. If you spent afternoons lusting for a chance to take some of that art home: here’s your chance. Also, if you’re like me, this is going to throw your budget all to hell.