Closes Bill Clinton

  • Close’s “Bill Clinton”

A New York Times article this morning about Crystal Bridges reveals a few more acquisitions for the American art museum that will open in November in Bentonville: A Jasper Johns alphabet painting and a Chuck Close triptych of Bill Clinton.


In an interview, founder Alice Walton talks about why she decided to build the museum in Bentonville.

“For years I’ve been thinking about what we could do as a family that could really make a difference in this part of the world,” said Ms. Walton, who is 61. “I thought this is something we desperately need, and what a difference it would have made were it here when I was growing up.”

Imagine the difference it’s going to make come Nov. 11.


Walton also says in the article that she wants to build partnerships with museums all over the world and has been in talks with the Louvre.

It’s going to be one hell of a party in Bentonville when the museum opens, and a visit by Dolly Parton and Bill Clinton (who Walton hopes will come) will be just a miniscule part of the excitement.


Update: Culturegrrl comes down on Vogel for suggesting the museum’s collection will be world class, since she can’t know what is in it. I guess she thinks Vogel was snowed. But maybe she knows more than she wrote about. And maybe Lee Rosenbaum is a tad miffed at not getting her own interview. Or not. You decide.