The Assembly of Light

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You know the incredible, haunting voices that start off the lead track on The Body’s latest album, “All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood,” which came out last year to serious acclaim? (Surely by now you’ve listened to what is unquestionably one of the most adventurous and bizarre metal albums of the last decade, right?)


Those voices belong to The Assembly of Light women’s choir, hailing from Providence, R.I. The 20-odd woman group was founded by composer Chrissy Wolpert, and is currently on tour with the erstwhile Arkies of The Body, Chip King and Lee Buford. Choir member Jaime Lowe is keeping a photo blog of the tour over at the Bust Magazine website. Maralie Armstrong, also a former Arkansan, sings in the choir. You probably know her from such bands as Soophie Nun Squad, Tem Eyos Ki and a host of others.

Check out the photos. They’re great, with lots of candid shots of the ladies and their awesome robes. Oh, and it looks like Buford went and tattooed the Goddang palms of his hands.


It’s too bad the tour’s not coming anywhere near Arkansas, but if you live in Atlanta, go check out the show tonight at the Drunken Unicorn.

Tour dates on the jump.