How could she be so heartless?

  • How could she be so heartless?

So apparently there’s this competitive singing show on NBC called “The Voice” and it’s pretty popular. What happens on the show is, these singers get up there and just sing their little hearts out for these other singers – professional ones – who decide which of the non-professional singers they like the best and then put together a team of singers that then battle each other. How? Well by singing, of course.


It all sounds a bit like another competitive singing show called “American Idol.” Apparently that one is pretty popular, too. Anyways, it turns out that Dia Frampton (no relation to Pete), who is one of the top singers from “The Voice,” has dissed one of the winners of “American Idol,” a guy from Arkansas you might have heard of whose name is Kris Allen.

Turns out this Dia Frampton sang one of the same songs that Kris Allen sang on “Idol.” But then she claimed that not only did she not know that Kris Allen had sang that song already, she said she didn’t even know who he was! As if!


Oh, but then comes the news (from some intrepid internet commentators) that this Dia Frampton has a sister named Jade Frampton, who is a tennis player for … wait for it … THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS!

So how could Dia Frampton not know who Kris Allen is? Come on!


There’s a picture of her on the Internet wearing an At the Drive In T shirt. I wonder if she’s ever heard them, or if maybe she just liked the way the shirt looked.