BONGO ROOM:  A must for breakfast lovers in Chicago

  • Grav Weldon
  • BONGO ROOM: A must for breakfast lovers in Chicago

Okay, the last I’ll speak on the subject, right? Probably not.


It’s been a month and a half since my journey, and I’m still visualizing how food from the largest city between the coasts affects our own local cuisine. I’ve found a couple of Chicago restaurants here, several places that serve Chicago dogs and entered into some lively conversations about whether or not Chicago is a mecca for food lovers.

For those who want the skinny on places I visited while in Chicago, start off with this travelogue, with a weekend’s worth of ideas for dining and delighting in some relaxing pastimes in Millennium Park and Navy Pier. Go back and see what I thought of my very first Chicago Dog at Max’s. Check out this great local joint called Carm’s Beef and Italian Ice. Find out who wins the pizza wars in my opinion. And go see about having a little Chicago in Little Rock.


And… I haven’t told you about Anthonee’s yet, have I? Well, okay, there’s another Chicago post coming.