White Water Tavern hosts Breakfast, Books & Booze Saturday.

  • White Water Tavern hosts Breakfast, Books & Booze Saturday.

Noon. White Water Tavern. Free or $5 after 7 p.m.


On certain rare, blessed occasions, a really wicked hangover is something to be savored. That’s not to say it’s a condition that feels good, or at least not “good” in the traditional sense of the word. But every once in a while, a rough morning after can leave you with a feeling of damaged grace. The awfulness you committed against your liver and central nervous system causes you to slow down, to be a bit more careful and deliberate, introspective even.

What better setting for such a morning than to be surrounded with books, quiet acoustic music, brunch foods and perhaps a Bloody Mary or two to take the edge off things? Now, you don’t have to be hungover to come enjoy the sounds of Adam Faucett, Mandy McBryde, Kevin Kerby, No Hickeys and Correne Spero while browsing a wide array of underground literature and books from Mary Chamberlin‘s Tree of Knowledge distribution and swapping LPs and 45s with DJ and man-with-a-million-records Seth Baldy. But it might augment the occasion. You never know. All this and more at White Water Tavern.