Biker passes the Art Trail

  • Biker passes the “Art Trail”

Mayor Hays dedicated a public art project this morning, paintings of people biking, skateboarding and running on the old rock crusher wall on the River Trail. He dubbed the wall the “art trail” and says there’s more public art to come.


The the silhouettes on the wall were designed and painted, sometimes in 115 degree heat, by V.L. Cox and friends; she said bikers thought she was making graffiti at first and she feared for a “citizens arrest.”

In fact, part of Cox’s artwork covers previous graffiti, a quote purported to be from Banksy, the famous, wonderful street artist. No tagging on top of Cox’s silhouette’s yet.


I’m not sure what Cox would think about this, but there’s a lot of uncovered concrete on this old wall. What if someone added to the scene by painting between the silhouettes, rather than on top of them?

For fun, here’s a great example of how Banksy works with surface features:


Banksys Hunters

  • Banksy’s “Hunters”