Michael 5000 Watts pic

  • Michael “5000” Watts

Swishahouse CEO/co-founder and and chopped-and-screwed legend Michael “5000” Watts is coming to Revolution next week with Badbwoy BMC, a Houston DJ with whom Watts has created something they’re calling “trill-step,” which is, best I can tell, Houston rap remixed dub-step-style or, as Steady Bloggin’ suggests “remixed with Transformer noises.”


I don’t entirely get it, but I understand the School of Dub brings out the crowds.

It’s going down at 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26 at Revolution. Ten bucks in advance, $15 d.o.s.


All these folks open: Niq, Daniel Kichen, Kreepa MC, Tyler Durden and Germz.