The 48-Hour Film Project screenings kick off  Sunday night.

  • The 48-Hour Film Project screenings kick off Sunday night.

7 p.m., 9 p.m. Argenta Community Theater. $8.

For this year’s 48-Hour Film Project, 37 fearless (or is that foolhardy?) teams of filmmakers signed on to write, film, edit and score a four- to seven-minute movie over two jam-packed, sleep-deprived days. On Friday night, the teams are given a character, a prop and a line of dialogue that must be used in the film.

This year’s Little Rock films had to include the character of J. Butler Bedford, Detective; a bird (real or stuffed); and the line, “Some people say it’s unlucky.” The Times usually manages to cobble together a team of impulsive misfits who are just crazy enough to take on such a mission.


This was the first time in several years that our scribe David Koon bowed out of writing duties, having taken several for the team, but he said it’s usually a delirious good time. The screenings, stretching this year over three nights, include audience awards and overall awards for best film, best actor, best actress and other categories.

A panel of judges decides the overall winner, which will go on to be screened at Filmapalooza along with the 48HFP winners from 80 or so other cities. Koon said the films range from amazing to uniquely terrible, and that while you can do a lot in 48 hours, an overly ambitious project is a nearly surefire way to fail. Or put another way, “some people say it’s unlucky.”